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Johnson Family Photoshoot

November 11, 2012 – This turned out to be the perfect autumn day for family photographs with Jacquie, Ryan, Taylor, and Tatum Johnson.  And Fearrington Village was the perfect backdrop.  Results from family photoshoots can be unpredictable, but I am thrilled with these photos and hope they are too!

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Dane and Sharli’s Wedding

This gallery contains 17 photos.

When Dane and Sharli approached me about photographing their wedding, I couldn’t have been more honored and excited.  Besides being incredibly photogenic, both of them are full of life, laughs, and love.  I knew not only would be easy capturing those qualities throughout their wedding weekend but that I would have an amazing time doing it.  Check and check! Their family and friends contributed to making their special time wonderful, … Continue reading

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The Beauty of the Fighter

There is something heart-wrenching, desperate, and primal when a person is stripped down to their guts and training, set upon a stage, and paid (or not) to hit or be hit until the bell has rung, the fight is over, or the will has left.  What remains – bloodily shredded, broken, damaged almost beyond repair – can still smile and rise to fight again.  The human spirit, embodied so beautifully by the fighter, moves us in ways individually known.  The growing popularity of the various MMA events even in our “enlightened” world proves the voluntary brutality will forever be part of us.   You are free to think what you want about these men and women.  I know a few of these fighters and see their dedication, no-nonsensibility, free spiritedness, goofiness, lust for life, and desire to win.  For me, they represent finely-chiseled gods and goddesses with a determined beauty and all-too-human passions and susceptibilities.  They are intoxicating to behold.

Sarah Kimball

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School’s Out!

And that means it is time to hit the pool! In particular, we had a splash-tastic (oh, that is cringe-worthy) time at a recent birthday pool party, and my camera stayed busy and occasionally wet – be careful! My eye was particularly drawn to Kenneth and his antics with his father. He ended up in a touch of trouble and spent a short timeout close by me. He didn’t relish having his picture taken in this state of embarassment and tried to play the pity card, only his father wouldn’t fall for it. As soon as he was able, Kenneth was back in the pool, splashing with the other kids, all sadness (feigned or otherwise) gone.

Be safe this summer – Sarah Kimball

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Easter in Atlanta

I despaired leaving Chicago – the people, the energy, the sunrise drive from Evanston along Lakeshore Drive into the city of skyscrapers – and moving to Atlanta.  It was the summer of 2010, and Robbie and I loaded up our dreams and hopes into two moving vans and drove over thirteen hours into increasing heat and humidity to start over in a place I never wanted to visit.  Now, I don’t ever want to leave.

Let’s talk weather.  Afterall, Chicago’s weather, cruel or sweet, dictated the schedule and mood of myself and many I knew on a daily basis.  Perhaps you have heard of those mid-West winters or have experienced one yourself.  In any case, it was Atlanta’s fall of 2010, and I had never enjoyed such a forecast of perfect temperatures, endless soft sunny skies, and a forest of reds, yellows, oranges, greens, and browns.  For months it lasted.  And for me, whose mental well-being is tied intimately to the weather, Atlanta became a place of optimism, hope, and happiness.

So when Spring rolled around this year, and we remained in Atlanta for Easter, I had to take advantage of the beauty surrounding us.  Rose bushes with two different-colored blossoms, camelias of bright, blood-red, azaleas the size of trees, and countless other yellow, white, purple, and pink blooms everywhere you turn.  Enough to make one’s spirit soar with the birds chirping their thrill at being alive.

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80’s Dance Party!

What’s more fun than dressing as Madonna/Rick Springfield and dancing the night away to the one-hit wonders of the 80’s while raising money for a great cause and making new friends? I’ll give you time to think about it.  Ok, that’s enough.  Yes, not much!

The talented combo of Jami Fogle, Kim Meyer, and Elisa Coker worked countless hours to put together and host the spring Mary Lin fundraiser at The Marianna in Little Five Points, much to the delight of all parents and faculty who were able to attend! Naturally, I volunteered to digitally eternalize as much of the magical evening as was possible (and appropriate ;)!)

Shooting at night, inside, with minimal lighting and constant motion are dismal shooting conditions.  (Not quite as bad as trying to photograph a running child in the dark but close!) I knew I would have to use flash (ugh!) as well as a high ISO.  The good news, and something I wanted to take advantage of, was the high grain inherent in a high ISO.  This would add a “vintage” character to the photos which was perfect for the evening.

As Shannon famously sang in 1983, “Let the music play..” And the rest is now history.

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BGW 2012

How is it that my amazing sisters, beautiful mother, and I have *never* escaped away together to bond in womanly, sisterly, and familial ways?!? (Translation: food, talk, food, wine, talk, food, margaritas, more talk, food, music, cards, and Apples to Apples.)  A million excuses flood my brain but happily we righted this wrong with a celebration of food and friendship at my sister Ab’s place in Brunswick.

And what happens in Brunswick, stays on my hard drive!

If you could see this one series of photos…we laughed for 20 minutes straight!!! I have promised not to expose these goofy, embarrassing pics to public merriment, and I know you all understand, having your own photos that will never see the light of day.  I can’t bring myself to delete them, so maybe down the road, when we are long in the lipstick-covered teeth, I will surprise the family with a deck of cards with these photos of us dancing and carrying on.  Hmmmm, which ones to be the jokers? ;)

I am posting my favorite, sharable photos from the weekend.  I would love to print one out for all of us to represent our weekend.  I’m still deciding which one I like the best.  Certainly the $125 bottle of wine is a contender, though I couldn’t tell the difference between this bottle and a $10 bottle.  Oh thank goodness!!! 

Lovely Ladies – I can hardly wait until next year!


Sarah Kimball

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day affords photographers a wonderful photo opportunity, whether it is having fun with kids or something romantic for a loved one. This cute shot, taken years ago while playing with my kids and messing around with Photoshop, is one of my favorites. It reminds me of all my childhood Valentine’s – spending hours making valentines with lacy hearts and glitter, stuffing my face full of chocolate, and coming home to surprises my mom would have for us. Hopefully, this Valentine’s Day surprises you with wishes and tokens of love from those you cherish most.

Sarah Kimball

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Mt. Pleasant, SC

On a recent weekend, I visited my younger sister in historical and beautiful Mt. Pleasant, SC. The annual Oyster Roast at Boone Hall Plantation was this weekend, and I hadn’t yet had the pleasure. Verdict? If you haven’t been, I highly recommend going! What’s not to love about never-ending buckets of roasted oysters, live music, oyster-chugging contests, and hanging out all day with friends and family? Make sure you bring something to sit on, arrive early, and be prepared for all kinds of weather and light.

Now, while I enjoy oysters, it’s not where my true gastro-heart lies. For those of you who know me, or you might have guessed from my photo, it is the delicate, sweet meat of freshly steamed and Old Bay’d crabs that had me from my first taste. And this night, we dined on two dozen (minus the one that scurried away under the deck) delicious crabs after a fabulous brie en croute appetizer and naturally, champagne to drink. I had to have a photo to commemorate the night!

This is my favorite photo I took, but something is not quite right. I have tried various methods to correct the photo, but I haven’t had any success. How would you make this a stronger photo? Different cropping? Change the brightness of the butter? It seems to me to be something about the bowl of butter. Let me know what you think!

This weekend I am going to visit my other sister on Jekyll Island. Another weekend of fine dining, good story-telling, and relaxation. Will there be crabs? Need you even ask?!? Maybe a new photo will solve all my conflict with this one, but that leads me into a thought that I stress often to friends and family – it is more important to have one bad photo as a memento of an occasion, than to have none at all. Even if your effort is bare minimum, last minute, everybody hates having their picture taken, whatever – take at least *one* photo!!!!! You will thank yourself later.

Sarah Kimball

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