Photography is the pursuit of moments of absolute and unique perfection (colors, shadows, emotions, etc.) and the tremendous satisfaction associated with successfully capturing these frames.  When I take the *perfect* photograph, I know it just as soon as I press down and the shutter closes.  That special moment of  beauty, meaning, interest, and alignment is what motivates me to keep shooting.  It’s a healthy addiction and a never-ending journey.

Most of us don’t have a photographic memory, and mine is probably worse than most.   This is why photography continues to grow in importance to me.  It is not just a rush of feeling, the reward of a job well done, but a reminder for all of us of our history.   These moments in time will never be repeated, and thankfully, will never be lost.  My photographs will be there to remind me of the life my loved ones and I have lived and continue to live.  These photographs will be passed down through the generations so my great-great-grandchildren will know something of me and how I lived and perhaps learn something about themselves.  This is my legacy to them.

Sarah Kimball

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