80’s Dance Party!

What’s more fun than dressing as Madonna/Rick Springfield and dancing the night away to the one-hit wonders of the 80’s while raising money for a great cause and making new friends? I’ll give you time to think about it.  Ok, that’s enough.  Yes, not much!

The talented combo of Jami Fogle, Kim Meyer, and Elisa Coker worked countless hours to put together and host the spring Mary Lin fundraiser at The Marianna in Little Five Points, much to the delight of all parents and faculty who were able to attend! Naturally, I volunteered to digitally eternalize as much of the magical evening as was possible (and appropriate ;)!)

Shooting at night, inside, with minimal lighting and constant motion are dismal shooting conditions.  (Not quite as bad as trying to photograph a running child in the dark but close!) I knew I would have to use flash (ugh!) as well as a high ISO.  The good news, and something I wanted to take advantage of, was the high grain inherent in a high ISO.  This would add a “vintage” character to the photos which was perfect for the evening.

As Shannon famously sang in 1983, “Let the music play..” And the rest is now history.

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