BGW 2012

How is it that my amazing sisters, beautiful mother, and I have *never* escaped away together to bond in womanly, sisterly, and familial ways?!? (Translation: food, talk, food, wine, talk, food, margaritas, more talk, food, music, cards, and Apples to Apples.)  A million excuses flood my brain but happily we righted this wrong with a celebration of food and friendship at my sister Ab’s place in Brunswick.

And what happens in Brunswick, stays on my hard drive!

If you could see this one series of photos…we laughed for 20 minutes straight!!! I have promised not to expose these goofy, embarrassing pics to public merriment, and I know you all understand, having your own photos that will never see the light of day.  I can’t bring myself to delete them, so maybe down the road, when we are long in the lipstick-covered teeth, I will surprise the family with a deck of cards with these photos of us dancing and carrying on.  Hmmmm, which ones to be the jokers? ;)

I am posting my favorite, sharable photos from the weekend.  I would love to print one out for all of us to represent our weekend.  I’m still deciding which one I like the best.  Certainly the $125 bottle of wine is a contender, though I couldn’t tell the difference between this bottle and a $10 bottle.  Oh thank goodness!!! 

Lovely Ladies – I can hardly wait until next year!


Sarah Kimball

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