Mt. Pleasant, SC

On a recent weekend, I visited my younger sister in historical and beautiful Mt. Pleasant, SC. The annual Oyster Roast at Boone Hall Plantation was this weekend, and I hadn’t yet had the pleasure. Verdict? If you haven’t been, I highly recommend going! What’s not to love about never-ending buckets of roasted oysters, live music, oyster-chugging contests, and hanging out all day with friends and family? Make sure you bring something to sit on, arrive early, and be prepared for all kinds of weather and light.

Now, while I enjoy oysters, it’s not where my true gastro-heart lies. For those of you who know me, or you might have guessed from my photo, it is the delicate, sweet meat of freshly steamed and Old Bay’d crabs that had me from my first taste. And this night, we dined on two dozen (minus the one that scurried away under the deck) delicious crabs after a fabulous brie en croute appetizer and naturally, champagne to drink. I had to have a photo to commemorate the night!

This is my favorite photo I took, but something is not quite right. I have tried various methods to correct the photo, but I haven’t had any success. How would you make this a stronger photo? Different cropping? Change the brightness of the butter? It seems to me to be something about the bowl of butter. Let me know what you think!

This weekend I am going to visit my other sister on Jekyll Island. Another weekend of fine dining, good story-telling, and relaxation. Will there be crabs? Need you even ask?!? Maybe a new photo will solve all my conflict with this one, but that leads me into a thought that I stress often to friends and family – it is more important to have one bad photo as a memento of an occasion, than to have none at all. Even if your effort is bare minimum, last minute, everybody hates having their picture taken, whatever – take at least *one* photo!!!!! You will thank yourself later.

Sarah Kimball

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